Trendy Clothes?

Updated: Jun 30

Do you follow the latest fashion trends? Wear bell bottoms? Skinny jeans? Leggings? Platform heels? Stilettos? Bright colors? Graveclothes? It’s possible that the last fashion choice, might’ve thrown you for a loop. What are grave clothes you ask? Graveclothes are the garments that one wears after death in preparation for burial. These garments bind the body up and keep it stationary. As these garments are for burial, then why would we wear them if we are living? Great question! We put on grave clothes when we partake in sin. Sin causes death and puts us in positions where we are stuck and can not move. Who wants to wear clothes that you can’t move in??? In John 11:44, Lazarus came out of the tomb with graveclothes on and Jesus commanded that he be loosed and let go. Similarly, Jesus wants the same for us. He doesn’t want us to be dead in sin and bound with graveclothes that prevent us from moving for Him. Therefore, we must exam ourselves and check for sinful ways and behaviors. If we realize that we are bound in sin, let us repent and pray that we may shed the graveclothes. Let us go forward to live for Jesus, no longer to be bound by sin.

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